How Lead screws are used in today’s modern equipment

A lead screw (or leadscrew), sometimes called a power screw or translation screw, is used to translate turning motion into linear motion. Lead screws can be manufactured by rolling, cutting, or grinding the threads.

The screw threads of a lead screw require a large area of sliding contact between the male and female members, which causes more frictional energy loss compared to other linkages.

Lead screws were first developed to deliver a large amount of force in devices such as olive presses and grape presses. They are still used that way in some applications when combined with a metallic nut. For example, today you will often find lead screws used in visespresses, and jacks.


However, in this modern era, lead screws also serve an important function in instrument grade applications where smooth, precise, clean, and maintenance free operation is required for intermittent use in low power actuator and positioner devices. In these devices, the nut material is typically made of an internally lubricated polymer.

For example, lead screws are often found in rapid prototyping, engraving, and data storage equipment.


They are also widely used in the Biomedical industry. You will find lead screws in clinical and hospital equipment both for human and veterinarian medicine. They are used in the syringe and Infusion pumps for blood and drugs needing precise fluid measurement and intravenous fluid delivery.


Another common application for lead screws is in lab testing equipment such as sampling, scanning, and fluid handling devices:


While Noll Inc. has produced custom lead screws for a large variety of applications and equipment over the years, the rise of the BioTech industry worldwide has created the greatest challenges and opportunities for our company.


BioTech requires custom lead screws with zero defects and absolutely no margin for error. It was very clear to us that these demands were not going to be met by piecing together parts from a catalog company.  That’s why Noll provides many of the leading Bio Tech equipment manufacturing companies with custom lead screws for a wide variety of applications.

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