Manufacturing Precision Lead Screws and Drive Assemblies

Buy Your Design Direct from The Manufacturer

If you manufacture automated devices that require high-quality lead screws and drive assemblies, you’ve come to the right place. Noll Inc. has been a pioneer in the thread rolling industry since 1956. We serve many of the leading manufacturers of automated devices for the medical, biological science and semi-conductor manufacturing industries. We work with your engineers to develop custom drive assemblies to meet your specifications and budget. If you have questions about our products, engineering, or manufacturing, please call us at 805-543-3602 or click here to email.

Forging Partnerships Since 1956

Noll provides manufacturing services for complete turn-key lead screw assemblies to meet your exact specifications. We specialize in working with your engineers to create cost-effective solutions for manufacturing your design. Our products measure up for safety, performance and reliability in the world’s most demanding applications.

We offer a complete range of thread forms from acme, stub acme, 60° V, J-form, and trapezoidal. Our production capabilities include thread rolling, CNC machining, centerless grinding, custom and standard plastic drive nut machining, and thread die grinding.

We manufacture lead screws using a unique thread-rolling process. Thread rolling is a cold forming process that combines accuracy and superior surface finish with high strength. The roll forming process provides a cost effective alternative to traditionally cut or ground thread products.

Our modular tooling, made in-house, gives us the flexibility to rapidly provide you with the correct thread configured for your application as well as quick prototype turnaround.

Please call us at 805-543-3602.


Who We Are

Herman R. Noll established the original Noll Facility in Los Angeles in 1956. Since then, Noll has moved to the coastal community of San Luis Obispo. Being located near California’s Polytechnic State University, we’ve made a commitment to share our manufacturing technology experience with future engineers.

Over the years, Noll has maintained a reputation for taking on and solving difficult lead screw design challenges. Our staff is dedicated to finding cost-effective solutions for even the toughest projects.

We believe that our ability to accurately measure the quality of rolled threads is essential to ensure proper function. At Noll, we employ modern inspection methods and equipment coupled with a defined plan to guarantee the best product at the best value.

We look forward to working with you to manufacture drive assemblies that meet your design needs and specifications.

Please call us at 805-543-3602.